Monday, 28 May 2012


Scammers have made up a new way of fooling investors and stealing their money. They again use a name of a popular payment processor LibertyReserve, however this time they do not provide an account number where you should send your money if you want to make a deposit in some super-profitable plan, but... created a new website that looks a lot like the official website of LibertyReserve. Here is the text of the email sent out by those scammers: “With Liberty Reserve S.A. you no longer need to worry about your investments online. We are serving millions since 2002 and now you have the opportunity to invest in the worlds largest payment processor. We propose you three types of investment period: 1 week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks. After the investment period ends, a payment will be made to the same Liberty Reserve account deposit was received from. Choose your plan and click on Deposit Funds, then you will be transferred to the investment page. You can make direct investments here: " If you received such an email, do not invest in the offered plans because they are not from LibertyReserve. The official website of this payment processor is and the administration of LR has reminded many times that they never make any investment offers. You should never assume that if a particular website has "libertyreserve" word in its name, for example the above mentioned "", it has anything to do with LibertyReserve. Be careful.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Forecast for forex traders: Fundamentals Aren’t Favorable for Pound

The Great Britain pound fell during the previous week, but rose at the beginning of this week. Could it be a sign that the sterling is going to reverse its bearish trend? The currently available data shows that such case is unlikely. Previously, gains of the pound were mainly by investors fleeing from the euro and the problems of the European Union to the UK currency that was perceived to be somewhat safer. But the macroeconomic data continuously proves that Britain’s economy has its own problems and isn’t much better that the economy of the continental Europe. Growth of the UK economy slowed to 0.2 percent in the second quarter of the year from the first quarter, while growth in the first quarter from the previous three months was 0.5 percent. The figures were even worse on year-over-year basis as expansion in the second quarter was by 0.7 percent, while increase in the first quarter was by 1.6 percent. This week isn’t great for the pound either. The GFK Consumer Confidence Index is expected to slightly go down from -30 to -32. Views on the housing sector are mixed. While the Halifax House Price Index is expected to show monthly increase of 0.5 percent in August, compared to 0.3 percent in July, analysts predict Nationwide HPI will show slower growth of 0.1 percent this month, down from 0.2 percent in the previous month. All in all, this week doesn’t look very favorable for the UK currency. In case of a rally, GBP/USD would find strong resistance at 1.6550 level. That was the level of resistance in May and more recently in July. The currency can find support at 1.6250 –1.6300 level as it provided strong support in the second part of July and was the recent base for the current rally. Below that the area somewhat above 1.6100 as that was the floor for the currency, when it has broke to the downside at the beginning of August. If you have any questions, comments or opinions regarding the Great Britain Pound, feel free to post them using the commentary form below.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to avoid paid survey scams

The key to avoiding paid survey scams online is that you should never have to pay anything, and there are no get-rich-quick survey opportunities available. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A reputable company will have its information available both online and over the phone, and they won't sound like an infomercial. Beware of any paid survey opportunities that have more hype than content. Other People Are Reading Instructions 1. * 1 Look at the paid survey company's website. It should look professional, similar to any other business website. If it has huge text in varying colors, with blinking lights and multiple exclamation points everywhere, it's probably a scam. * 2 Read all their rules for joining. There should be absolutely no fee for joining, or for "learning materials" to get you ready to use the site. Taking surveys is not difficult and does not require training, and you should never have to pay to take a survey, even if they offer to pay you when you're done. * * 3 Calculate how much you'll be making per survey or per hour, based on their estimates. Reasonable rates for paid surveys are somewhere between a few cents and $1, with averages around 25 cents. Rates of several dollars or more per survey are simply not sustainable for a survey company, and if they claim to offer that it's probably a scam. The only exceptions are specialty surveys that you may be invited to while taking a lower-priced survey. * 4 Contact the company if you have any concerns. Avoid giving any of your personal information until you're sure they're legitimate. A representative on the phone who is overly pushy or refuses to answer simple questions is not a good sign. Read more: How to Identify and Avoid Paid Survey Scams |

A.W. Surveys Scam

In this article, I'd like to discuss A.W. Surveys and tell you my experience with this survey site. First of all, the site was quite nice as it has 7 good paying welcome surveys that pay from $4 to $6 for each quick website evaluation(they wasn't actually surveys). So once you complete those 7 website evaluations(surveys) then you have a quick $26! That was easy huh? Oh and they also give you $1.25 for each referral you send over to their site be scammed with you. A.W. Surveys will only let you cash out once you have at least $50 in your account. Guess what? They don't send you anymore surveys. You made $26 from them and the rest of the money you make must come from referring people. If you Google aw surveys scam, you will find many posts from upset ex-members that were burned by the site. The weird thing is that A.W. Surveys has a very good traffic rank. How they manage to keep getting members to the site is beyond me. So is A.W. Surveys a scam or not? Well they are notorious for cancelling poor innocent members accounts once they get close to their cashout point. They cancel it without warning and you may get a response saying that they suspected "fraud" or something along those lines. Surprisingly, they have paid a few members but it seems that they may be doing this only to keep people coming to the site. So lets say 3 out of 10 members get paid - Those 3 members are going to keep referring people plus A.W. Surveys made money from the other 7 people without having to pay them. My suggestion: Stay away!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cash from your blog

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Another internet marketing strategy

Making money on the internet has become a common trend all over the world and in Nigeria to be precise, whenever we talk about making money on the internet so many people think that the only way you can make money on the internet is by being fraudulent. This is not true as there are numerous opportunities to make money on line genuinely. There are ways one can earn income on line but there are so many people who find it difficult to make money, probably because they don’t have websites, credit cards and access to pay-pal.
I want to encourage all those who are new to online business not to give up but strive to make a living online, if they so desire because most of the business and job opportunities are free and easy to join. You can get a website if you have the means to get it but if you can’t have a website, you can get a free blog to write articles and make weekly income, you can also join paid to click websites, affiliate marketing sites, network marketing etc. Below is step by step guide on how to make money in Nigeria without a website.
For you to making money marketing articles, you should be a good writer; you should be able to write simple and correct English. The internet is a place where people come whenever they need information; people search the web to know things they don’t know about. So, when you write, write things that will be of help to people on the web. You can write about your profession, health and other things you know about. There are times, when students are given assignments in school, they search the web to get the information they need and if you write well, people will always come back to your site for more information. As you write your articles, always update articles by adding new information weekly or monthly. This will bring visitors to your site regularly. There are many ways to write articles and market them free without paying a dime. Some of them are Blogger, word press, Hubpages, Article plot, Best reviewer and review stream. You can also signup with free websites like . For more information on free publishing tools see my article on “How to make money writing articles.”
You can also write e-books and sell them online; this is one way you can continue to make money on the internet. E-books are electronic books which you write and sell online without printing it out. Anyone that needs the book can download after paying. When people want to buy the book they pay electronically through pay-pal, alert-pay or other means of electronic payment. If you are in Nigeria and you are new to online business, you can ask customers in Nigeria to pay into your account or you get an alert-pay account which is available to Nigerians.

Some other ways to make money online

So you want to start making money online, eh? Here’s how you can get started.
Note: most of you won’t get rich from these programs, so please take it as a hobby.
Also I am not responsible for any losses that you incur. I am merely stating these facts to help those that are interested.
The Essentials
There are several tools that are essential in your journey to make money online.
First you need an online payment processor, to actually receive payments. The three most popular ones are PaypalE-Goldand Stormpay, but there are dozens of different ones out there. With the above there you will be able to participate in most online money making programs. So before you do anything else, you should make an account at atleast one of the above payment processors. Paypal is highly recommended because it’s the easiest, biggest and works with EBay. Transfer is also free with personal accounts. The only thing is some programs might not accept Paypal and that’s where E-Gold comes in, which is a payment processor backed by gold or so they say.
I have my payment processor account, what now?
There are several types of money making programs on the internet and I’ll talk about them one by one.
Paid to Read (PTR)
You make money on Paid to Read sites when they send you emails. In these emails there will often be a link where youclick on to open the advertiser’s website. You often get around $0.0025 to $0.01 for each link that you click. The key to actually make a few hundred dollars is to get lots of referrals. Speak Cash has a very comprehensive list of Paid to Read websites, click here to see them, be sure to get a higher rated PTR website!
Paid to Click (PTR)
Essentially the same idea as PTR sites, you get paid to click links and visit the advertiser\'s website. Click here to get a list of Paid to Click websites!
Paid to Post Forums
Basically the same idea as PTR and PTC websites, except you get paid to post on forums. Click here to for a list of Paid to Post Forums!
High Yield Investment Programs are programs where you invest a certain amount of money and get a very high return after a few days. Some programs even offer 200% in one day. Almost all HYIP programs accept only E-Gold so you better have an account. The problem with these programs is that they’re all scams. It’s impossible to give that high rate of return, and one day this kind of ponzi scam will collapse. So the trick to make money here is to go in quick in a new HYIP that’s just started, and then make money and get out quick. Click here for a list of HYIPs.
Paid Auto Surfs
Paid Auto Surfs are very similar to HYIPs except they do not give you such a high return on investment and you must go on their website and surf. These programs typically offer 1%-12% daily. Paid Auto Surfs are not as much of a scam as HYIPs and usually lasts much longer and are more stable. Click here for a list of Paid Auto Surfs.
Paid to Promote (PTP)
You make money on Paid to Promote websites by promoting a particular page on a website. Most PTP websites offer around $0.60/cpm, that means when you drive 1000 hits to a particular webpage that they assign you, they pay you $0.6. Click here for a list of PTP websites. So how do you get all this traffic to PTP websites? Below is your answer.
Traffic Exchanges (Auto Surfs)
Traffic Exchanges or Auto Surfs lets you surf (view) other member’s websites, while they view your website. This way other people get hits and you also get hits, sort of like people helping people. So after you’ve signed up with a PTP website, you can use Auto Surfs or Traffic Exchanges to send hits to your PTP page. A typical Traffic Exchange can get you more than 200 hits an hour. So do the math. The problem is some PTP websites track only Unique hits, which means that every unique computer counts as one hit, and in Traffic Exchanges with little members, that means you get very little unique hits. Click here for a list of Traffic Exchanges.
That’s all I have to tell you for now. You should now go on and look at the programs listed on and find the best one for you! Remember to be aware of what programs you participate in and don’t get obsessed or go overboard. It’s best to keep everything in perspective. Remember this is only a hobby. I hope you’ve found my article helpful and I wish you good luck and have fun making money online.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Make Money With Facebook

If you always wanted to earn online income but didn’t know where to start, why not jump on the most popular social network site and take advantage of their ad serving platform?
Believe it or not, tens of thousand of people are using Facebook every day to chat with their friends and have fun… while others are making money at the same time.
Would you like to know how to cash-it on this social phenomenon?
Would $5… $50… or $150 in additional income make you happier? What would you do with the “new found” money?
Let’s make it happen, here are three quick steps:
Step #1
Once you have signed up to Facebook your first step should be to think about how you want to present yourself. You don’t want to fake it, just be yourself and showcase your skill, your hobby or knowledge – that is what makes money from Facebook.
Don’t forget that you want to attract the attention of a specific group of people here, so that you become known as someone who is something of an expert on one particular subject. So choose wisely!
Step #2
Go for a popular niche that you personally like and have an interest in. Develop your persona in that area. If you already have something of a web presence in a particular area then you’ll use that in your advantage because — it will help you as more and more people become aware of who you, your skill/knowledge and how this can help them.
Step #3
Your first port of call, if you have anything second hand to sell which is related to your niche, is the Marketplace. It’s free to place ads in the Marketplace and there is no limit on how many you can place.
EXAMPLE: you come across a bargain lot of books on your subject on eBay or at a yard sale you can list them all individually on Facebook and sell them on for a profit.
If you have a budget to spend on advertising and you have some external websites you want to promote, you can try out the Social Ads to see what benefits you get from them. It is well worth reading through the relevant help section to see what is involved though, as it is quite in depth.
The main benefit of becoming a Facebook member is that you can build and use any number of applications to perform certain tasks on your profile page.
The GREAT NEWS is that Facebook doesn’t frown at users making money from their Facebook page, and indeed many people link in to other websites outside of Facebook itself.
People are constantly building new applications and often they are used by many other users to create pages that appeal to their own particular needs.
This is partly why you will succeed in making more money from Facebook if you brand yourself carefully before you get started on the site.
Figure out what it is you want to do and what you want to achieve. If you already have a website up and running then you will be able to link into that, so keep the look and feel of your Facebook page in the same vein as your site.
But while you can link to other sites outside of Facebook, some people also sprinkle some affiliate links on their actual Facebook page itself. For example, some quick research revealed one person who links into a range of ClickBank products on their page and does well from doing so.
So long as you start from a strong position with a particular focus and brand in mind, you can do well by experimenting with all the benefits that Facebook offers (and they’re growing).
Take time to build up a network of friends and make sure you become known for being an expert in your particular sphere of interest/niche.
Exposure is what you should aim for. The more people you make friends with and add to your network, the more money you should be generating. However, don’t make the mistake to go after “friends” for money.
Put people first, money will follow. It’s like in the real life, just a different medium, the same communication skills and principles apply though.
You should always sound, look and act real, don’t pretend to be someone else. People feel it nowadays more than ever.
If you have any further suggestions on how to use Facebook to make money, feel free to share them by using the form below!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

In the more than 30 years I've been involved with business planning, I've seen styles and fashion of plans change a lot, but the fundamentals remain fairly constant. To help you craft a plan that hits all the right notes, here's a list of some of the more common business planning mistakes you should avoid:
1. Don't put off writing a plan. Don't wait until you have enough time, don't wait until you have the right people, and definitely don't wait until there's an urgent reason you suddenly need a plan. Instead, just do it now. Recognize that you need a business plan and that your first step is to prepare your first plan. Get a draft up and running and then continue updating it to keep it current with your business. Of course, you'll soon realize that your plan may never be done, but the important thing is, you're planning. You should always be planning your business.
2. Don't confuse cash with profits. There's a huge difference between the two. Waiting for customers to pay can cripple your financial situation without affecting your profits. Loading your inventory absorbs money without changing profits. Spending most of your money buying inventory doesn't affect profits, but cash flow is much more important than profits because profits are an accounting concept and cash is money in the bank--you don't pay your bills with profits.
3. Don't dilute your priorities. A plan that stresses three or four main priorities is a plan with focus and power. People can understand three or four main points. A plan that lists 20 priorities doesn't really have any.
4. Don't overvalue the business idea. What gives an idea business value is not the idea itself but a business that's already built on top of it. It takes employees having shown up every morning, phone calls being answered, products being built, ordered and shipped, services being rendered, and customers paying their bills to make an idea a business. Either write a business plan that shows you building a business around that great idea, or forget it. An idea alone does not a great business make.
5. Don't confuse a plan with the act of planning. You need both to succeed. And your planning process doesn't end when your plan is done. The value of a plan is in the implementation it causes, and implementation starts the day you settle on the main points of your plan. Understand that your business plan is never really done-you're always revising it, or should be, because reality is always pressing forward. Without a plan setting markers, you'll never know the difference between plan and reality. Work your plan; don't just write it.
6. Don't fudge the details in the first 12 months. By details, I mean your financials, milestones, dates, responsibilities and deadlines. Cash flow is the most important, but you also need lots of details when it comes to assigning tasks to people, setting activity dates and specifying what's supposed to happen and who's supposed to make it happen. These details really matter. A business plan is wasted without it.
7. Don't sweat the details for the later years. This is about planning, not accounting, and you're only guessing the future in a system full of uncertainties. As important as monthly details are in the beginning, they become a waste of time later on. How can you project monthly cash for three years from now, when your sales forecast is so uncertain? Sure, you can plan in five, 10 or even 20-year horizons in the major conceptual text, but you can't plan in monthly detail past the first year. Nobody expects it, and nobody believes it.
8. Don't create absurdly optimistic "hockey stick projections" of sales taking off in the near future. Yes, it happens about once a generation, but nobody believes it in a business plan because they all say that. No investor is going to tell you they believe that even though your sales have been flat up to this point, once you have their money, your sales are going to go through the roof. If you've really created that once-in-a-generation business whose sales will take off, then you'd better build so much bottom-up detail into that forecast that even the most jaded investor will believe it.
9. Don't write too much. Keep your business plan short and focused on your main priorities. It's a business plan, not a doctoral thesis. Stick to the main points, and use bullet points to keep the main points highlighted and simple.
10. Don't sweat the formatting details. No business plan has ever failed because the page headers weren't color-coded. Don't dress up your plan with multiple fonts, too many colors or complex page layouts. Don't hide the important information. Keep it simple, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

how i make $100 every 2weeks to my Libertyreserve account with dreamtreasures!

get ur pen read to write some important info, bcos your time has come?

Follow my step by step guard as i leed you to ur finacial freedom.
First u must have a libertyreserve account to run this?

What is liberty reserve account?
Libertyreserve is a generious and reliable Online account that Base in U.S.A,

with dere account you can trassact business with thousand of Online Machant's
world wide, for ur Intrest.
How do i Open account with libertyreserve?
To open account with LR just logon on dere Website@ when it open you will see Create account @ de
top of the website, click create account and register with dem, after
registration they will now give you your Account no., Password, login pin, and
Master pin, PLs write all this info. Down, dat is the one you we be using to
access ur account.

How do i fund my libertyreserve account for Online Trassaction?
Funding of LR is easy, will have more dan 50 exchanger company's that can
fund libertyreserve account in nigeria, fastest one i recomended for is they fund fastwithin 30 min.
Just register with them and verify ur self by clicking on verification that
they have sent to ur Email, after regisration, click BUY and fill the necessary
info. On amount you wnt to fund to your LR account, they we now give u depositor

code's that you we used to deposit to dere company account, they accept GTB
bank, so deposit the amount you order to dere Company account that we be given
to you dat is all about that, and ur LR account we be funded immidiately after
ur deposited as been comfirm, don't forget you can also sell ur LR too to
them,and they we send it direct to ur local bank account.


A site that can change your story within 2month if u realy mean business,
they paid there member's high intrest depend's on the deposit plans they choose,

they offer's 110
% after 7days and 125% after 15days,
as for me i normally used 150% bcos it more high than the one of one 120%,

and there minimum to invest is $10.
To Register with them just click on sign up, and den fills the form, and choose
ur PLans den click invest via liberty, it will now direct to ur libertyreserve
account which you will be ask to login with ur security cod's such as password,

login pin, master pin, and then you now transfer the amount you want to invest
after that comfirm your transfer to DT.
and it we alert you that (Thanks you your trassaction as been successful) mean's

the amount you invest as been transfer to DT, Account.
After ur deposit plan as expire, your principle and intrest we be calculated,
and will be automaticaly transfered to your Libertyreserve account,
don't forget you can' REINVEST ' anytime.

You can withdraw your money from libertyreserve any time you like by selling it
back to exchanger companys in NIGERIA , such as :, they buy
@ the rate of #160 per $1, and sent it direct to your Local bank account without

how to open aliberty reserve account in Nigeria

Paypal has really dealt with Nigerians. The country has been blacklisted for many years. liberty reserve is the perfect substitute to paypal and we Nigerians can utilise it efficiently.

If you desire to own Liberty Reserve Online Account, Just Follow the tips Below

Step 1
Visit right now.

Step 2

Click on ‘Create account’ on the top page of the website.

Step 3

Fill up the form that is provided. On the password space, you can type in your password
manually or use the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard is provided for security purpose
and so it is very advisable to use it, especially if the system you’re using is a public system.

Login pin: choose four or five numbers as your login pin. It’s very important that you
remember this numbers because it gives you assess to your liberty reserve account after
your account opening. Liberty reserve will not give this pin to you incase you forget.

Master key: you also have to choose three numbers as master keys.

Personal welcome message: choose any message you wish to appear on your liberty
account member area each time you log into your account. You can choose (welcome
yourname, thanks yourname, etc).

Code: type in the accurate code number provided in the box and clicks on ‘Agree’

Step 4
After that, go to your e-mail box: An e-mail containing your new liberty account
number will be sent to your e-mail address with the subject ‘Successful Liberty
Reserve Registration’. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email.

You may try to open a new account with a different e-mail if you fail to receive
the liberty reserve welcome e-mail. Your registration is NOT yet complete until
you login to activate your account and complete your registration!

Step 5

Copy your Liberty reserve account number from your email address and then click
on login on the last Liberty reserve page that was displayed after submitting your

Step 6

Enter your new liberty reserve account number and password in the boxes provided,
then type in your code number and click on next.

Step 7
The next page will display your personal welcome message. What you will do next
is to check the small box provided and then click on ‘continue’.

Step 8

The next page will display your account balance. To access your main account,
click on the ‘Access main account’ button. Then type in your login pin in the box
and then click login.

Welcome to the registration process part 2.

Account name: choose an account name. It could be your real name, pet name
or nick name. Please do not put space on your username. Let it be just a word.

Company name is not necessary if you do not want to add it. Fill up the rest of
your personal information and then click on submit. 

That is all.

The next page will usher you into your main account area where you can make
transfer to any other liberty reserve account owner, view your history, profile
and other important information. CONGRATULATIONS, you liberty reserve has
just been created. 

Hope this tips help

11 ways to make money online without investment

just click on this link below to learn some simple ways of making money online wiyhout any invvestment

10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Running a one-person business is a creative, flexible and challenging way to become your own boss and chart your own future. It is about creating a life, as it is about making a living. It takes courage, determination and foresight to decide to become an entrepreneur. From the relatively safe cocoon of the corporate world, where paychecks arrive regularly, you will be venturing into the unchartered territories of business.
Is there a way to determine whether you can be a successful entrepreneur, or you are better off to work for somebody else? Alas, there is no formula for success. However, most successful entrepreneurs share these ten characteristics. Check if you possess any one of them:

1. Think success. To attain the kind of success that you want, you need to dream big. Every success story starts with big dreams. You need to have big dreams for yourself - which you want to be somebody rich, famous or fulfilled. You need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. But it doesn't stop in dreaming alone. You should actively visualize success in your mind that you can almost feel it, touch it or it is within your reach. Play this image back at every opportunity. What does it feel to triple your current income? How will your life change? What will your business look like if you achieved the million-dollar mark?

Successful entrepreneurs possess an attitude of openness and faith that you can have what you want if you can simply envision it as the first step on the path of action to acquiring it. Management gurus have taught us the power of visualization - seeing yourself in your mind as having accomplished your dreams. If you want to be a successful writer, envision yourself signing books for a throng of people who have lined up to have your autograph. If you want to be rich, picture yourself in luxurious surroundings holding a fat bank account. And the process of envisioning success for you should be a constant activity! You need to think that you are successful (or will be one) every single waking hour. A personal development coach shared me her secret to help her continuously visualize her goals for the moment: when climbing stairs, recite your goal with every step you take. So if you want more money, say "I will have money" in every step of the stairs. This technique will reinforce your goal and keep it fresh in your consciousness.2. Be passionate with what you do. You start a business to change any or all part of your life. To attain this change, you need to develop or uncover an intense, personal passion to change the way things are and to live life to the fullest. Success comes easily if you love what you do. Why? Because we are more relentless in our pursuit of goals about things that we love. If you hate your job right now, do you think you will ever be successful at it? Not in a million years! You may plod along, even become competent at the tasks, but you will never be a great success at it. You will achieve peak performance and do what you have to do to succeed only if you are doing something that interests you or something that you care about. Entrepreneurs who succeed do not mind the fact that they are putting in 15 or 18 hours a day to their business because they absolutely love what they do. Success in business is all about patience and hard work, which can only be attained if you are passionate and crazy with your tasks and activities.
3. Focus on your strengths. Let's face it; you cannot be everything to everybody. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. To be effective, you need to identify your strengths and concentrate on it. You will become more successful if you are able to channel your efforts to areas that you do best. In business, for example, if you know you have good marketing instincts, then harness this strength and make full use of it. Seek help or assistance in areas that you may be poor at, such as accounting or bookkeeping. To transform your weakness to strength, consider taking hands-on learning or formal training.
4. Never consider the possibility of failure. Ayn Rand, in her novel The Fountainhead, wrote, "It is not in the nature of man - nor of any living entity, to start out by giving up." As an entrepreneur, you need to fully believe in your goals, and that you can do it. Think that what you are doing will contribute to the betterment of your environment and your personal self. You should have a strong faith in your idea, your capabilities and yourself. You must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the ability to recognize and fulfill them. The more you can develop faith in your ability to achieve your goals, the more rapidly you can attain it. However, your confidence should be balanced with calculated risks that you need to take to achieve greater rewards. Successful entrepreneurs are those who analyze and minimize risk in the pursuit of profit. As they always say, "no guts, no glory."
5. Plan accordingly. You have a vision, and you have enough faith in yourself to believe that you can achieve your vision. But do you know how to get to your vision? To achieve your vision, you need to have concrete goals that will provide the stepping-stone towards your ultimate vision. Put your goals in writing; not doing so just makes them as intangible fantasies. You need to plan each day in such a way that your every action contributes to the attainment of your vision. Do you foresee yourself as the next Martha Stewart of hand-made home furnishings? Perhaps today, you need to see an artist to help you conceptualize the new line of hand-made linens that you hope to launch. Intense goal orientation is the characteristic of every successful entrepreneur. They have a vision, and they know how to get there. Your ability to set goals and make plans for your accomplishment is the skill required to succeed. Plan, plan and plan - because without which failure is guaranteed.
6. Work hard! Every successful entrepreneur works hard, hard and hard. No one achieves success just by sitting and staring at the wall every single day. Brian Tracy puts it out this way, "You work eight hours per day for survival; everything over eight hours per day is for success." Ask any successful businessperson and they will tell you immediately that they had to work more than 60 hours per week at the start of their businesses. Be prepared to say goodbye to after-office drinks every day, or a regular weekend get-away trip. If you are in a start-up phase, you will have to breathe, eat and drink your business until it can stand on its own. Working hard will be easy if you have a vision, clear goals, and are passionate with what you do.
7. Constantly Look for Ways to Network. In business, you are judged by the company you keep - from your management team, board of directors, and strategic partners. Businesses always need assistance, more so small businesses. Maybe the lady you met in a trade association meeting can help you secure funding, or the gentleman at a conference can provide you with management advise. It is important to form alliances with people who can help you, and whom you can help in return. To succeed in business, you need to possess good networking skills and always be alert to opportunities to expand your contacts.
8. Willingness to Learn. You do not need to be a MBA degree holder or PhD graduate to succeed in your own business. In fact, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who did not even finishsecondary education. Studies show that most self-made millionaires have average intelligence. Nonetheless, these people reached their full potentials achieved their financial and personal goals in business because they are willing to learn. To succeed, you must be willing to ask questions, remain curious, interested and open to new knowledge. This willingness to learn becomes more crucial given the rapid changes in technologies and ways of doing business.
9. Persevere and have faith. No one said that the road to success is easy. Despite your good intentions and hard work, sometimes you will fail. Some successful entrepreneurs suffered setbacks and resounding defeats, even bankruptcy, yet managed to quickly stand up to make it big in their fields. Your courage to persist in the face of adversity and ability to bounce back after a temporary disappointment will assure your success. You must learn to pick yourself up and start all over again. Your persistence is the measure of the belief in yourself. Remember, if you persevere, nothing can stop you.
10. Discipline yourself. Thomas Huxley once said, "Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not." Self-discipline is the key to success. The strength of will to force yourself to pay the price of success - doing what others don't like to do, going the extra mile, fighting and winning the lonely battle with yourself.