Monday, 23 January 2012

Some other ways to make money online

So you want to start making money online, eh? Here’s how you can get started.
Note: most of you won’t get rich from these programs, so please take it as a hobby.
Also I am not responsible for any losses that you incur. I am merely stating these facts to help those that are interested.
The Essentials
There are several tools that are essential in your journey to make money online.
First you need an online payment processor, to actually receive payments. The three most popular ones are PaypalE-Goldand Stormpay, but there are dozens of different ones out there. With the above there you will be able to participate in most online money making programs. So before you do anything else, you should make an account at atleast one of the above payment processors. Paypal is highly recommended because it’s the easiest, biggest and works with EBay. Transfer is also free with personal accounts. The only thing is some programs might not accept Paypal and that’s where E-Gold comes in, which is a payment processor backed by gold or so they say.
I have my payment processor account, what now?
There are several types of money making programs on the internet and I’ll talk about them one by one.
Paid to Read (PTR)
You make money on Paid to Read sites when they send you emails. In these emails there will often be a link where youclick on to open the advertiser’s website. You often get around $0.0025 to $0.01 for each link that you click. The key to actually make a few hundred dollars is to get lots of referrals. Speak Cash has a very comprehensive list of Paid to Read websites, click here to see them, be sure to get a higher rated PTR website!
Paid to Click (PTR)
Essentially the same idea as PTR sites, you get paid to click links and visit the advertiser\'s website. Click here to get a list of Paid to Click websites!
Paid to Post Forums
Basically the same idea as PTR and PTC websites, except you get paid to post on forums. Click here to for a list of Paid to Post Forums!
High Yield Investment Programs are programs where you invest a certain amount of money and get a very high return after a few days. Some programs even offer 200% in one day. Almost all HYIP programs accept only E-Gold so you better have an account. The problem with these programs is that they’re all scams. It’s impossible to give that high rate of return, and one day this kind of ponzi scam will collapse. So the trick to make money here is to go in quick in a new HYIP that’s just started, and then make money and get out quick. Click here for a list of HYIPs.
Paid Auto Surfs
Paid Auto Surfs are very similar to HYIPs except they do not give you such a high return on investment and you must go on their website and surf. These programs typically offer 1%-12% daily. Paid Auto Surfs are not as much of a scam as HYIPs and usually lasts much longer and are more stable. Click here for a list of Paid Auto Surfs.
Paid to Promote (PTP)
You make money on Paid to Promote websites by promoting a particular page on a website. Most PTP websites offer around $0.60/cpm, that means when you drive 1000 hits to a particular webpage that they assign you, they pay you $0.6. Click here for a list of PTP websites. So how do you get all this traffic to PTP websites? Below is your answer.
Traffic Exchanges (Auto Surfs)
Traffic Exchanges or Auto Surfs lets you surf (view) other member’s websites, while they view your website. This way other people get hits and you also get hits, sort of like people helping people. So after you’ve signed up with a PTP website, you can use Auto Surfs or Traffic Exchanges to send hits to your PTP page. A typical Traffic Exchange can get you more than 200 hits an hour. So do the math. The problem is some PTP websites track only Unique hits, which means that every unique computer counts as one hit, and in Traffic Exchanges with little members, that means you get very little unique hits. Click here for a list of Traffic Exchanges.
That’s all I have to tell you for now. You should now go on and look at the programs listed on and find the best one for you! Remember to be aware of what programs you participate in and don’t get obsessed or go overboard. It’s best to keep everything in perspective. Remember this is only a hobby. I hope you’ve found my article helpful and I wish you good luck and have fun making money online.

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