Monday, 28 May 2012


Scammers have made up a new way of fooling investors and stealing their money. They again use a name of a popular payment processor LibertyReserve, however this time they do not provide an account number where you should send your money if you want to make a deposit in some super-profitable plan, but... created a new website that looks a lot like the official website of LibertyReserve. Here is the text of the email sent out by those scammers: “With Liberty Reserve S.A. you no longer need to worry about your investments online. We are serving millions since 2002 and now you have the opportunity to invest in the worlds largest payment processor. We propose you three types of investment period: 1 week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks. After the investment period ends, a payment will be made to the same Liberty Reserve account deposit was received from. Choose your plan and click on Deposit Funds, then you will be transferred to the investment page. You can make direct investments here: " If you received such an email, do not invest in the offered plans because they are not from LibertyReserve. The official website of this payment processor is and the administration of LR has reminded many times that they never make any investment offers. You should never assume that if a particular website has "libertyreserve" word in its name, for example the above mentioned "", it has anything to do with LibertyReserve. Be careful.

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