Monday, 23 January 2012

Another internet marketing strategy

Making money on the internet has become a common trend all over the world and in Nigeria to be precise, whenever we talk about making money on the internet so many people think that the only way you can make money on the internet is by being fraudulent. This is not true as there are numerous opportunities to make money on line genuinely. There are ways one can earn income on line but there are so many people who find it difficult to make money, probably because they don’t have websites, credit cards and access to pay-pal.
I want to encourage all those who are new to online business not to give up but strive to make a living online, if they so desire because most of the business and job opportunities are free and easy to join. You can get a website if you have the means to get it but if you can’t have a website, you can get a free blog to write articles and make weekly income, you can also join paid to click websites, affiliate marketing sites, network marketing etc. Below is step by step guide on how to make money in Nigeria without a website.
For you to making money marketing articles, you should be a good writer; you should be able to write simple and correct English. The internet is a place where people come whenever they need information; people search the web to know things they don’t know about. So, when you write, write things that will be of help to people on the web. You can write about your profession, health and other things you know about. There are times, when students are given assignments in school, they search the web to get the information they need and if you write well, people will always come back to your site for more information. As you write your articles, always update articles by adding new information weekly or monthly. This will bring visitors to your site regularly. There are many ways to write articles and market them free without paying a dime. Some of them are Blogger, word press, Hubpages, Article plot, Best reviewer and review stream. You can also signup with free websites like . For more information on free publishing tools see my article on “How to make money writing articles.”
You can also write e-books and sell them online; this is one way you can continue to make money on the internet. E-books are electronic books which you write and sell online without printing it out. Anyone that needs the book can download after paying. When people want to buy the book they pay electronically through pay-pal, alert-pay or other means of electronic payment. If you are in Nigeria and you are new to online business, you can ask customers in Nigeria to pay into your account or you get an alert-pay account which is available to Nigerians.

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