Thursday, 12 January 2012

how to open aliberty reserve account in Nigeria

Paypal has really dealt with Nigerians. The country has been blacklisted for many years. liberty reserve is the perfect substitute to paypal and we Nigerians can utilise it efficiently.

If you desire to own Liberty Reserve Online Account, Just Follow the tips Below

Step 1
Visit right now.

Step 2

Click on ‘Create account’ on the top page of the website.

Step 3

Fill up the form that is provided. On the password space, you can type in your password
manually or use the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard is provided for security purpose
and so it is very advisable to use it, especially if the system you’re using is a public system.

Login pin: choose four or five numbers as your login pin. It’s very important that you
remember this numbers because it gives you assess to your liberty reserve account after
your account opening. Liberty reserve will not give this pin to you incase you forget.

Master key: you also have to choose three numbers as master keys.

Personal welcome message: choose any message you wish to appear on your liberty
account member area each time you log into your account. You can choose (welcome
yourname, thanks yourname, etc).

Code: type in the accurate code number provided in the box and clicks on ‘Agree’

Step 4
After that, go to your e-mail box: An e-mail containing your new liberty account
number will be sent to your e-mail address with the subject ‘Successful Liberty
Reserve Registration’. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email.

You may try to open a new account with a different e-mail if you fail to receive
the liberty reserve welcome e-mail. Your registration is NOT yet complete until
you login to activate your account and complete your registration!

Step 5

Copy your Liberty reserve account number from your email address and then click
on login on the last Liberty reserve page that was displayed after submitting your

Step 6

Enter your new liberty reserve account number and password in the boxes provided,
then type in your code number and click on next.

Step 7
The next page will display your personal welcome message. What you will do next
is to check the small box provided and then click on ‘continue’.

Step 8

The next page will display your account balance. To access your main account,
click on the ‘Access main account’ button. Then type in your login pin in the box
and then click login.

Welcome to the registration process part 2.

Account name: choose an account name. It could be your real name, pet name
or nick name. Please do not put space on your username. Let it be just a word.

Company name is not necessary if you do not want to add it. Fill up the rest of
your personal information and then click on submit. 

That is all.

The next page will usher you into your main account area where you can make
transfer to any other liberty reserve account owner, view your history, profile
and other important information. CONGRATULATIONS, you liberty reserve has
just been created. 

Hope this tips help

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