Thursday, 3 May 2012

A.W. Surveys Scam

In this article, I'd like to discuss A.W. Surveys and tell you my experience with this survey site. First of all, the site was quite nice as it has 7 good paying welcome surveys that pay from $4 to $6 for each quick website evaluation(they wasn't actually surveys). So once you complete those 7 website evaluations(surveys) then you have a quick $26! That was easy huh? Oh and they also give you $1.25 for each referral you send over to their site be scammed with you. A.W. Surveys will only let you cash out once you have at least $50 in your account. Guess what? They don't send you anymore surveys. You made $26 from them and the rest of the money you make must come from referring people. If you Google aw surveys scam, you will find many posts from upset ex-members that were burned by the site. The weird thing is that A.W. Surveys has a very good traffic rank. How they manage to keep getting members to the site is beyond me. So is A.W. Surveys a scam or not? Well they are notorious for cancelling poor innocent members accounts once they get close to their cashout point. They cancel it without warning and you may get a response saying that they suspected "fraud" or something along those lines. Surprisingly, they have paid a few members but it seems that they may be doing this only to keep people coming to the site. So lets say 3 out of 10 members get paid - Those 3 members are going to keep referring people plus A.W. Surveys made money from the other 7 people without having to pay them. My suggestion: Stay away!

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