Thursday, 12 January 2012

There are only a few ways you can get rich quickly

“Get rich quick!”, ‘Fast, easy money up for grabs!”
You’ve seen the ads. If you explore the pay-to-click and traffic exchange sites these catch phrases will make up the majority of the ads you will view. Other claims will show you screen shots of paypal payouts. Huge amounts of cash paid on a weekly basis.
These types of ads work to recruit people into the advertised programs. They appeal, often on a subconscious level,  to one of our basic desires – greed.
Greed is powerful and often times all consuming. It’s sneaky too. We usually don’t recognize it for what it is. We call the work-a-holic – ambitious, the frugal – thrifty, the scam chasers – gullible. What we don’t want to look at or give a name to is the reason behind the actions – greed.
Greed – the desire to achieve more. More money, more power, more things … just … more.
That’s why “get rich quick” is such a successful ploy when it comes to advertising.

Somewhere deep inside we know it is all a myth. We know that nothing is free. We know it will cost us something – cash or time, probably both.
There are only a few ways to actually get rich fast:
  • inherit millions from some rich relative
  • discover oil or precious metals on your property and hold the rights to it
  • find some buried treasure
Not much chance any of us will be getting rich quickly is there?
But wait you say. What about the paypal screen shots?
They’re probably real. What the ad won’t tell you is what they had to do to earn that kind of income.
Take a site like NeoBux for example. I personally belong to this site and think it is one of the better PTC sites around. It has the potential for you to earn large amounts of money. However, you are not going to earn big money as a free member – a basic membership (at a minimum) is required. You won’t earn the big money by yourself – you need referrals under you (either find them yourself or rent them from NeoBux).
Now would that paypal screen shot look as good to you if the person posting it said: “I earned $1234. 56 from NeoBux in only 5 months and it only cost me $789.00 in membership and rental fees!” Changes the picture a bit doesn’t it?
So, what did you learn from this article?
  1. Get rich quick is a myth.
  2. Greed drives us all on some level.
  3. Affiliate advertising only gives you part of the picture.
  4. You can earn money at NeoBux but it will take cash and time.
I hope this helps you look at pay-to-click and traffic exchange advertising in a new way. PTC and traffic exchanges are not bad things but you need to understand what drives people to them and have reasonable expectations from them.

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